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Audrey was recently interviewed on 95.3 KDKD! She did so good! Check out her radio debut!

Audrey loves to make fires when she is camping. One issue she always faced was how to keep the tender burning long enough to catch the kindling. When it was windy or raining, it was hard to start a fire at all! There had to be a solution!

Fire Bug is the answer to your fire starting dilemmas! With a Fire Bug your fire will start quickly and easily! Each Fire Bug burns for 12 minutes and has the power to ignite larger sticks and coal.

Use a fire bug for:

Campfires Fire Pits Fire Bug Is:

BBQ Grills Bonfires Kid Owned!

Smokers Fireplaces Made with recycled materials!

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3- $5 12- $15 48- $45

6- $9 24- $25

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