Seasonal Camping

More time relaxing...

Seasonal camping is a different take on traditional campgrounds. It gives you the opportunity to build a community and have a vacation spot! Imagine not needing to haul the trailer or drive the RV down every weekend. Imagine not having to pull it out of storage every time you want to have a quick weekend away! For just a little more than the price of storing your camper all year you can have a campsite for an entire season! The camper is set up and ready for you to come visit on a whim! Meet new neighbors and make new friends! Feel free to camp throughout the winter so long as you winterize your camper. Then after winter is over, come back and settle in to your camper for the next wonderful camping season!


Have a graveled pad for your camper

Each site has full hook-ups (water, electric, sewer)

Personalize the site to your needs- add a deck or a cover

Drive your daily driver down to your camper that is set up and waiting

Head down and be relaxing quickly by the fire without set up

Explore and enjoy all that the Truman Lake area has to offer a little at a time

See the same neighbors each visit and build a vacation community

Take part in activities at the campground